Herbal medicines have been in use for many centuries. Here are a few merits and demerits of herbal medicines. Today, people around the globe are giving preference to alternative medicines such as ayurveda, naturopathy, homeopathy and herbal medicine. It is worth mentioning that these natural and alternative medicines were used […]

The mainstream use of herbal medicines is becoming increasingly popular, and there are many herbal products to choose from. With so many choices, it is easy to get confused about which forms of herbs are right for you. One important decision is whether to use whole herbs or standardized herbal […]

Traditional Chinese medicine (TCM) is enjoying increasing popularity all over the world. But two molecular genetics studies published this week show that the trendy treatments can be harmful, as well. The papers focus attention on the fact that not all of their ingredients are listed, or even legal, and that […]

These are the herbal tonics that I cannot live without. Within these 20 you find all the basic essentials you possibly need within a home pharmacy—immunity booster, beauty, vitamin C, colds and flus, bones and muscle health, digestive health, weight loss, and so on. 1. Graviola (Annona muricata) Graviola is […]