How Aloe Vera Cold Sore Treatment Works ?

It is winter already and few people have caught up with cold and winter sickness. It is a common occurrence and it can be irritating too. Similarly there are people who are people allergic to modern  medicine and  depend heavily on home made or natural medicine. There are multiple ways to combine natural herbs and products to create effective and potent products. Such is  Aloe vera ,a very potent  succulent plant that is known to have therapeutic properties in it. Scientist have made enough research to understand its healing properties and it is safe to consume orally while aloe vera cold sore is very effective. In this article we will talk about why cold sores concur and how we can treat it at home.

How To Work  Aloe Vera Cold Sores Treatment ?

There are various methods on how to make aloe vera work as it is safe to completely to consume aloe vera products either orally or applying directly on the skin. Aloe vera gels and aloe vera  juices are found abundantly in medical stores, departmental stores and online stores too. There are two ways aloe vera cold can be used.

  • Aloe Vera Juice

One of the methods to treat cold and  sore throat is by using aloe vera juice and by gargling. Take an aloe vera juice in a glass and pour 30 ml in it. Then add water to completely fill the glass. If you shallow the mixture you don’t have to panic because it is completely safe for human body . You can add variety of natural herbs and products for the mixture to work more better and fast.

  • Concentrated Aloe vera

You can either use concentrated aloevera cold sore treatment  or aloe vera gel. You can apply the gel directly on your throat or you  can consume it.  If have severe cough you can use take three table spoon of aloe vera gel and then add honey, ginger and etc. You can also make your own natural aloe vera juice or gel. For making the aloe vera juice from the concentrated, remove the layer of aloe vera and put in  into to mixture and add lemon juice, glycerin and tea tree oil for the juice to work more efficiently as an aloe vera cold sore home remedy.